FIFA 18 Coins

Electronic Arts or the EA Sports first launched this legendary game in 1993 and since then they have successfully yielded a next installment every year. So you can stay assured that you will be able to play the FIFA 18 on your consoles or PC by the end of 2017.

Now, if you are seeking for an exact release date of this upcoming EA Sports game, it is almost impossible to predict the FIFA 18 release date so early. If you check the release dates of the previous few versions of this game, you will notice that EA Sports had chosen the months of September to unveil a new installment of FIFA.

With the introduction of the Journey Mode in the FIFA 17, the game has taken a big leap in terms of both the gameplay and the popularity. Now with the massive success in their back, the makers will surely try to better the Journey Mode. In case you are wondering what is Journey Mode actually, it is an all new career mode which allows the players to play as Alex Hunter, a budding footballer, and also lets to control the player’s movements and journey throughout the virtual FIFA universe.

The FIFA players were craving for such a career mode for a long time and according to our guess, the Journey Mode will get more advanced in the FIFA 18. We hope that EA Sports will include multiple choice of players with different back stories for each of them and we also feel that among these players one or two players will be female characters as FIFA is giving stress on this aspect to lure more female players to the game, since they added this feature in FIFA 16.

FIFA has always been famous for the realistic approach of the game and we are sure they will improve the AI in the next installment of FIFA. As per many reports, the makers are going to raise the bar of the video game by adding more intelligence to the players, both teammates and the opposition. That means the players will now adapt the playing style well, will understand the match situation better and thus the overall game would be less predictable.

In the previous recent installments of FIFA, we have seen the makers to incorporate some realistic changes into the game and they will surely continue the good work in the upcoming FIFA 18. More FIFA 18 news we can get from here (FIFAAH.COM)